Research Projects

This represents a partial list of current and recent research projects conducted by ISSR.

Variation in the LSAMP Summer Bridge Program: Effects on STEM Self-Efficacy, Belonging, and Intentions

J. Barth and D. McCallum

This study is part of the Alabama Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program to increase the number of students from the underrepresented minority group in STEM areas. The project seeks to understand how different factors in the ALSAMP summer bridge programs for STEM students affect their adjustment to college. It is especially focused on psycho-social factors related to self-efficacy and a sense of belonging to their major and their university or college.

Farm Theater: A Novel Safety Strategy Approach for Agricultural Communities

D. Reed, D. McCallum, D. Claunch, M. Conaway, T. Gemberling

This study investigates the effectiveness of a didactic readers theater as an intervention for providing information to farmers regarding risks to their health and safety. The study particularly targets older farmers who are at increased risk for injury and illness.

Children’s Behavior in Triadic Situations

J. Parker

This study examines how three teens work together as a small group and whether one individual feels left out or threatened by the closer interactions of the other two.

Life Goals, Gender Roles, and STEM Career Interest

J. Barth, R. Guadagno, C. Burkhalter, B. Todd, D. McCallum, and M. Verstraete

This study investigates how the importance placed on specific life goals affects college major and career choices. The study pays special attention to how gender roles evoked by romantic relationships may conflict with women’s educational goals.

Race Relations at The University of Alabama

D. McCallum, U. McKnight, R. Fording, C. Lo, M. Hughes, and G. Smith

This study, conducted in 2013, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of integration at the University, chronicled the status of relations among racial groups at The University of Alabama.

Choosing Careers in Science and Math: An Integrated Approach

J. Barth and D. McCallum

This project examined the gender gap in the areas of science, engineering, and math using previous research to understand the influences that affect female students’ decision to pursue other careers.

Student Research Projects:

Kelsey Chappetta

  • The Role of Gender in Video Games
  • How Gender Role Stereotypes Affect Attraction in an Online Dating Scenario

Tess Gemberling

  • Lay Justifications for Interfaith Intolerance
  • An Interdisciplinary Examination of Relational Violence and Victim Sexual Orientation
  • Preferences in Pornography and Their Links to Sexual Behavior and Relationship Functioning

Hwaheun Kim

  • Interplay of Self-Esteem Difficulties, Emotion Regulation, and Parental Psychological Control in Young Adolescents’ Friendship Jealousy
  • The Interaction of Self-Esteem and the Friendship Network Structure as the Context of Jealousy in Young Adolescents’ Friendship