Progressive Agriculture Foundation Safety Days

Project Description

child standing in an open field at Progressive Agriculture Safety DayFarming is unique among work settings in the level of risk exposure for children and youth. Exposures to agricultural hazards occur through play, work, and observation of adult work. In response to these risks, communities offer a variety of educational programs, such as farm safety day camps, to encourage safe practices. One such program is the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days program, which annually sponsors 350 safety day events across North America. Participants in these one-day events engage in small-group, hands-on activities designed to teach them how to be safer on farms, ranches, and in the home. The Farm Safety Day evaluation studies investigate the impact and effectiveness of these programs as a method for teaching safe behaviors to children exposed to agricultural hazards.

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PI: Debra McCallum (ISSR)
Co-Investigators: Susan Reynolds (Progressive Agriculture Foundation), Michael Conaway (ISSR)

Funding Sources

CDC/NIOSH and Progressive Agriculture Foundation