The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) is an interdisciplinary organization with a broad mission to promote and conduct research in the social sciences at the University of Alabama. Through its research efforts, the Institute also provides opportunities for graduate training in social science research. Service to those outside the University is provided through research partnerships with agencies and organizations throughout the state and nation. ISSR was established in 1984 by the College of Arts and Sciences and is located at 306 Paul Bryant Drive East.

ISSR provides a wide range of support for research activities at the University:

  • Policy-relevant, interdisciplinary social research
  • Collaborative projects and research infrastructure at the University
  • Local, statewide, and national telephone surveys
  • Consultation on statistical analysis and social behavioral research methodology
  • Program evaluation and assessment
  • Graduate and undergraduate student research
  • Research partnerships with agencies, businesses, and communities throughout the state

To explore potential research or evaluation partnerships, or to discuss survey or consulting needs, please contact us by email or telephone.