Our Mission

The Mission of the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Alabama is to promote and support high-quality social science research across various disciplines. The ISSR aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, to provide resources and support for social science research, and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of social phenomena.

The specific goals of the ISSR include: 

1. Facilitating Research Collaboration: The ISSR seeks to facilitate collaboration among social science researchers from different disciplines within the university and beyond. By bringing together scholars with diverse expertise and perspectives, the institute aims to encourage interdisciplinary research and address complex social issues. 

2. Supporting Research Projects: The ISSR provides support for social science research projects by offering funding opportunities, research assistance, access to data sets, and methodological resources. The institute aims to enhance the research capabilities of faculty members, graduate students, and other researchers, thereby facilitating the production of high-quality research. 

3. Promoting Methodological Innovation: The ISSR promotes methodological innovation by offering training, workshops, and resources related to research methods and statistical analysis. The institute aims to enhance the methodological skills of researchers and promote the use of rigorous and advanced research methodologies. 

4. Disseminating Research Findings: The ISSR encourages the dissemination of social science research findings through conferences, seminars, workshops, and publications. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge among researchers, policymakers, and the broader community, thereby contributing to evidence-based decision-making and societal impact. 

5. Enhancing Graduate Education: The ISSR aims to enhance graduate education in the social sciences by providing opportunities for students to engage in interdisciplinary research, to gain access to funding and resources, and to collaborate with faculty members and other researchers. The institute seeks to support the professional development of graduate students and prepare them for successful careers in academia or other research-related fields. 

6. Promoting External Collaborations: The ISSR seeks to establish collaborations with external institutions, organizations, and stakeholders to address social challenges and contribute to the well-being of communities. By partnering with external entities, the institute aims to enhance the relevance and impact of social science research through a variety of activities including program evaluation. 

The ISSR is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of social phenomena and contributing to the betterment of society through high-quality social science research. 

Overall, the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Alabama contributes to the university’s goal of advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and serving as a catalyst for positive societal change.