student playing computer games in the game labISSR’s central aims are related to fostering greater understanding of factors contributing to the overall quality of life and well-being of people in diverse situations and facets of life. ISSR scientists are involved in a wide range of research projects addressing a variety of social and health issues. The specific research topics are far ranging, including career decision making, gender differences, youth risk behavior, health and safety, poverty, and race relations, and the research populations are varied, including children, adolescents, and adults living in urban and rural settings, and cross-cultural meanings surrounding kinship and genetics. Some of these projects are led by ISSR researchers, while others are collaborations led by researchers from other UA departments or outside the university.

We also work with graduate and undergraduate students to guide student-initiated research projects, such as honors and masters theses and dissertations. ISSR researchers are always open to new collaborations in this endeavor and welcome inquiries to discuss potential common interests or to initiate formation of interdisciplinary research interest groups to facilitate the development of collaborative research projects and grant proposals.

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