Why Become an ISSR Faculty Affiliate?

1. Research Collaboration: The ISSR provides opportunities for interdisciplinary research collaboration. Becoming a faculty affiliate allows you to connect with researchers from different disciplines and engage in collaborative projects. This can lead to enhanced research outcomes, new perspectives, and access to a broader network of scholars.

2. Funding Opportunities: The ISSR may offer funding opportunities for research projects, conferences, workshops, or travel grants. By becoming a faculty affiliate, you will gain access to these funding sources, which can support your research activities and professional development.

3. Resources and Support: The ISSR typically provides resources and support for social science research, such as access to data sets, research methodologies, statistical software, and research assistance. Affiliating with the institute allows faculty members to tap into these resources, which can enhance their research capabilities and productivity.

4. Visibility and Recognition: The ISSR often organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops that bring together researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Faculty affiliates can participate in these events, present their research, and gain visibility within the social science community. This can lead to increased recognition and opportunities for collaboration and dissemination of your work.

5. Professional Development: The ISSR may offer professional development opportunities, such as research methods training, grant writing workshops, or mentoring programs. Faculty affiliates can take advantage of these resources to enhance your research skills, stay updated with emerging methodologies, and strengthen your grant writing abilities.

6. Interdisciplinary Engagement: The ISSR fosters interdisciplinary engagement and encourages collaboration across different fields of study. By affiliating with the institute, faculty members can engage in interdisciplinary discussions, attend seminars or workshops outside their primary field, and broaden their academic horizons. This can lead to innovative research ideas, cross-fertilization of knowledge, and expanded research perspectives.

7. Institutional Support: Affiliating with the ISSR may be supported or encouraged by the University of Alabama as part of its commitment to promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The university may provide additional resources or recognition for faculty members who are affiliated with prestigious research institutes like the ISSR.

Overall, becoming a faculty affiliate with the Institute for Social Science Research can provide faculty members at the University of Alabama with opportunities for research collaboration, funding, resources, visibility, professional development, and interdisciplinary engagement, all of which can contribute to their academic growth and success.

Email the program assistant (rcreel@ua.edu) or the director (dstavrinos@ua.edu) to apply.