NSF IRES Site: Fractional–Order Circuits and Systems Research Collaboration with EU COST Action


Project Description

This International Research Experience for Students (IRES) takes place at the Brno University of Technology (BUT) in Czechia. The site will recruit 6 undergraduate students from the University of Alabama (UA) each of the 3 program years (ending in 2024) to participate in 11-week research experiences focused on fractional-order circuits and systems under the supervision of faculty from BUT in the Czech Republic. Fractional-order circuits and systems were selected as the theme for this site because this emerging field is expanding the boundaries of realizable electrical circuits; changing how we view, design, and implement them. This site aims to tackle challenges in the design, simulation, and characterization of fractional-order circuits, systems, and devices, while also introducing students to international collaborative research opportunities. The evaluation provided by ISSR includes formative and summative components and focuses on the impact of the research experience on students’ development of research skills, interests in further study of fractional-order circuits and systems, interests in additional participation in research and international collaborations, and post baccalaureate plans.