NSF REU Site: Fluid Mechanics with Analysis Using Computations and Experiments (FM-ACE)


Project Description

In this NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) project, 10-12 students per year (3 years, ending in 2019) engaged in a 10-week summer intensive research program, conducting research in fluid mechanics. The field of fluid mechanics is unique in its ability to be visually captivating, making it an excellent area of research for motivating students to pursue graduate study. It is also multidisciplinary in nature as a wide range of engineering disciplines require varying depths of knowledge in fluid mechanics. Many areas of cutting-edge research require in-depth analysis to better understand the motion associated with fluids, from combustion studies to wind-energy harvesting to micro- and bio-fluidics. The REU engages undergraduate students in meaningful and productive cutting-edge research in fluid mechanics, thereby furthering the research capabilities of each faculty mentor and providing an enriching educational experience for each participant. ISSR’s evaluation included formative and summative components and focused on the impact of the research experience on students’ development of research and professional skills, interests in participation in further research, commitment to engineering, and post baccalaureate plans.